Demo page

  • On this page various simple demonstrations are shown of analysis & design methods as well as 2D & 3D CAD and database modeling.
  • With an exception, code demonstrations are not shown, but implementations are possible using C, C++, Python, Perl and more.
  • For reasons of NDA, previous work for customers is not shown. If you have any questions about possiblities, please send us an email.

Sample of Enterprise Architecture using Archimate

Sample of a Data Flow Diagram using the symbols by Yourdon & Coad, extended with Ward & Mellor.

Sample of a Data Flow Diagram using the symbols by Gane & Sarson

Sample design using flowchart:

Sample of database design, using BNCF data normalisation

Sample of IDEF0 modeling

Sample of a process diagram using BPMN (Business Process Modelling Notation):

Sample BPMN swimlane

Drawing of a mobile robot made with LibreCAD

Sample drawing of a mobile platform with robot arm. While the original drawing is coloured, the export to image removed the blue (arm-segments), green (joints) and grey (angle-arcs) colours.

Sample of a simple vehicle made with OpenSCAD

STL-mesh of previous sample imported into MeshLab

The earlier shown OpenSCAD vehicle, exported via MeshLab to a COLLADA .dae-file, in GazeboSim

Sample of a 3D mechanical design made with FreeCAD

Sample of a simple electronics simulation using Scilab Xcos

Sample of a control blockschema/algebra

3 samples of the use of GNU Octave (comparable with Matlab) (editor, command window and result graphs)

Sample of using R via RStudio

Sample UML class diagram

Sample UML sequence diagram

Sample UML use-case diagram

Sample MBSE OEBD diagram

Sample MBSE OCB diagram