Demo page

On this page various demonstrations are shown of analysis & design methods we can use to help you, as well as CAD. Code demonstrations are not shown, but implementations are possible using C, C++, Python, Perl and more.

Using the “structured analysis” method extended with Ward-Mellor:

Design using flowchart:

Database design, using data normalisation

Sample of a process diagram using BPMN (Business Process Modelling Notation):

Demo drawing of a mobile robot made with LibreCAD

Another demo drawing of a mobile platform with robot arm. While the original drawing is coloured, the export to image removed the blue (arm-segments), green (joints) and grey (angle-arcs) colours.

Demo design of a simple vehicle made with OpenSCAD

Demo of an STL-mesh and imported into MeshLab

Demo of the OpenSCAD vehicle, exported via MeshLab to a COLLADA .dae-file, in GazeboSim

Demo design of a 3D mechanical design made with FreeCAD

Sample of a simple electronics simulation using Scilab Xcos

Sample of a control blockschema/algebra

3 samples of the use of GNU Octave (comparable with Matlab) (editor, command window and result graphs)

Sample of design using Archimate

Sample of using RStudio