Van Niekerk Engineering (VNE) IS NOT: software engineers who can write your software (in a short time). It is possible to implement the software (using C, C++, Python, Pascal, Perl, SQL, ……), just not as quick and tidy you may expect from a software engineer.

VNE IS your engineering, design and/or consulting partner for:

  • Designing your software and/or enterprise, i.e. Solution and/or Enterprise Architecture. Using standards such as Archimate, TOGAF, MBSE.
  • Designing the algorithms of your systems and software using tools and languages such as flowcharts, SysML, UML.
  • Designing your IT and business processes using standards such as BPMN, DMN, DataFlowDiagram.
  • Designing your robots (not RPA): going for the best design, being it software, mechanics, electronics and combinations. Experienced in collaborating with a multi-disciplinary team.
  • Designing your SQL databases and warehousing: modeling using IDEF0, normalizing your data into Normal Form and from there, designing a database structure. After that, using SQL (MySQL/MariaDB) to implement it, Perl/Python/… to manipulate data. Maintenance is an option. NOTE: NoSQL database (e.g. MongoDB) expertise is not in our portfolio.
  • Consultant for open source: in collaboration with you, we’ll make a (replacement) list of your desired applications. We can install Linux (or BSD) on your computer (multi-boot and single-boot) and install the desired applications. Maintenance is an option.
  • Designing your 2D (.dxf) or 3D CAD model and creating (standard) printable files for it.
  • Drawing your electronic circuit
  • Creating (electronics) simulations
  • Analyzing and processing your data using Python, R or Fortran.
  • Discount voucher: 10 (ten) % discount for advice. Conditions: expires after 3 (three) months, minimum time per advice is 1 (one) hour, payment in advance. Because of taxes, price varies per region.
  • … and more ! Please email us for possibilities and quotes.