• NOT: software engineer who can write your software (in a short time). It is possible to implement the software (using C, C++, Python, Pascal, Perl, SQL and more), just not as neat and fast.
  • Systems architect, designer, engineer and developer for robotics, software. Designing involves requirements, (non-)functional and technical analysis.
  • For robotics (not RPA): being central figure in a (small) multidisciplinary group to develop a hardware robot. Going for the best design, being it software, mechanics, electronics and combinations.
  • For systems & software: designing the algorithm using tools such as (but not limited to) flowcharts and SysML & UML, so a software engineer can write code, in whichever programming language is desired.
  • For databases: normalizing your data and from there, designing a database structure. After that, using SQL to implement it, Perl/Python/… to manipulate data. Maintenance is an option.
  • For data: using Python or R to process & analyse data.
  • For open source: with you, making a list of your desired applications, install Linux (or BSD) on your computer and install it. Maintenance is an option.

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